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Welcome to our NEW Website for 2017

Welcome to our NEW Website for 2017

Big year for Eco Lighting Supplies is shaping up and for 2017, we felt this was the perfect time to reboot our website to help bring our customers, distributors, partners, suppliers and everyone in between together to one place to keep in touch and stay on top of what is going on in the world of LED.

On our new website for 2017 this year, we look forward to bringing you some of the following:

- Information on LED
- The newest and most advanced lighting products and information
- Access to articles and news about Eco Lighting Supplies
- Our most current and up to date specials and discounts
- Contact information for us, our network and beyond
- Not to mention education videos, how to's, FAQ and much much more

With over 80% power reduction and literally thousands of dollars to be saved just by converting to LED, we are truly looking forward to a huge year here at Eco Lighting Supplies.

As always you can still find us at 118 Murray St, Hobart TAS or call us on 1300 ALL LED. Or better yet, head over to our Contact us page and send us an email!

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